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Jacq (high volume E-commerce retailer)

Professional & Reliable
Ian is great to work with. Extremely reliable and professional. I can count on him to get things done on time and with complete accuracy,

The Engineer

Excellent dedicated advisor
Ian was our knight in shining armour; he worked tirelessly to help us sort out the mess we'd got into. We publish a village magazine and unfortunately over the period of a year or so due to unforeseen circumstance the financial side of the enterprise was left in a state of disarray with manual processes that were largely misunderstood and creaking at the seams. Following an initial review, it was clear that the process needed to be fundamentally overhauled going back to base principles. We worked as a team with Ian to understand the full system process of the magazine - from initial contact with potential advertisers through to production and distribution. Once we had the relevant information, Ian devised a new system in QuickBooks Online that provided a process that was convenient, efficient, and accurate. He spent a considerable time making sense of the often disparate manual data and integrating it into QuickBooks, making it future proof. The new system now provides up to the minute information and enables us to instantly understand our incomings and outgoings and prepare for the future. At the end of the year, the impact of making the change was clearly evident - The information now at hand was accurate and up to date, several thousand pounds had been recovered from misplaced invoices etc and we are able to strategize for the future about the best way to provide income for the church and support the local community. Ian has done a fantastic job and got us back on track to a point where we have confidence that we have in place a robust system that will stand us in good stead into the future.

Captured Moments

Money made easy
What a great experience!!! Having just set up my own Etsy business I wanted to make sure I was recording all of my transactions correctly & Ian made this possible! Having asked lots of questions, some of which I hadn’t even considered, Ian quickly established exactly what I’d need from my QuickBooks account. Via zoom Ian has explained clearly what’s what, and has set up a variety of great features for me including stock control so I can clearly see how many of each item I have available & a low stock alert. An option to easily replicate my most frequently used tasks, banking rules to complete transactions automatically & my most used expense options pre-loaded. Essentially Ian has done everything to make this the most simple & straightforward process possible, having looked online at ‘how to’ videos, I feel the set up Ian has given me has made things simpler & quicker than the set up those videos suggested. His clear explanations of all the different aspects of QuickBooks has made me feel competent & he’s only a phone call/zoom away if I get stuck! I can’t recommend highly enough!!!

Compton Blick

Really clear & honest bookkeeping services
Great to work with, easy to understand, honest & reliable bookkeeper. Nice guy to boot!
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